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Open Arts PAC is proud to partners with Central NJ Ballet Theatre, Rising Star Voice Studio, Leaping Dog Art Studio.



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The CNJ Ballet Theatre is a dance school that offers a wide variety of classes in a friendly, positive and fun environment for ages 2 1/2 to adult. The theatre is also home to the CNJ Ballet Theatre’s Pre-Professional program. The Pre-Professional program is for the serious dancer that wishes to gain a strong foundation in classical/contemporary ballet as well as other dance forms.

The CNJ Ballet Theatre is located in Beautiful Bordentown, NJ and is an academy that focuses on the traditional ballet idiom. The school is near Chesterfield, Hamilton, Hamilton Square, Trenton, Princeton, New Egypt, Yardville, Florence and Columbus, NJ. The CNJ Ballet Theatre offers a wide variety of dance classes for ages 2 1/2  and up. Feel free to call and/or visit the studio at 609.424.3192. We look forward to providing the community the very best in dance instruction and performance.

Phone number: (609) 424-3192





Sophie Taillefer, from the prestigious Academy of Vocal Arts, is well known as a teacher who builds strong singers with good stage presence.

Many of her students are featured in school musicals and theatre in the area. Learn how to sing the repertoire of your choice: pop, musical theatre, jazz, or classical!  Ms. Taillefer works with singers of all ages and of all different levels.

Students will learn breath management, vocal technique, stage presence, and how to prepare for an audition. We are currently taking new students.


Phone number: 609-775-7488 


11026008_782459911830785_6887104993436896718_nLeaping Dog Art Studios is an authentic art studio.  Through our doors you will find a working studio, which means that tables may be messy, artwork may be drying on a rack, paint may be on the floor, and artwork will always be on display.  During class time, children and adults are engaged and may be seen exploring and playing with a variety of art materials while enjoying learning and making things.  At Leaping Dog, we stand by five core beliefs:

  1.  We value the act of PLAY for all ages. For this reason, and for young children in particular, we EMPHASIZE ‘PROCESS ART’ OVER ‘PRODUCT ART.’  (This means that we believe that the process of making and creating and experiencing is more important than whether or not the end result looks ‘nice’ or ‘pretty’ to us adults.)
  2.  We believe that EVERYONE CAN BE CREATIVE.
  4.  We seek to work WITH STUDENTS and develop meaningful relationships with them; we want to find out what they are interested in so that they will be more motivated to learn and have fun making art.
  5.  Our ART LESSONS ARE MULTIFACETED and aim to develop skills in observation and concentration, improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills, stimulate creative thinking and cultivate patience.  Lessons include Art Historical references and the use of Art Vocabulary whenever possible.

Website: www,

Phone number: (215) 850-5349